Great English Tutor: I wish I would have found her years ago. Barb did a great job with correcting some of my strong Asian accents. With her guidance, I was motivated towards my pronunciations and was able to improve some other language skills. I would highly recommend Barb for any international students who want to improve their English.
– Joe J.

I had tutor with Mrs. Barb last year. She tried to make me feel comfortable and the awkwardness was gone early. She also had her own class in elementary school , but she never show her tired face to me. I couldn’t pronounced some alphabet and words. So she prepared some activities for me. We did speaking, writing, listening, vocabulary and the other things. She wants to know about my culture. Sometime she told me about U.S culture, too. If I have any assignment or hard things to do, she helps me a lot. She tried to make me talk, read, understand all of them. Now I can hear better than before. Definitely she brought me confidence. Tutoring with her was really good to me.
– Yuri

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